Favorite Writing Resources

Here are some favorite resource sites that I’ve used in my writing

All about Words

VisuWords  — this visual word connection triggers idea
PowerThesaurusvery comprehensive list
Reverse Dictionaryto convert a phrase to one word
WordMenu — I purchased this for $35 – arranges words in categorized structure – allows you to download a trial
AutoCrit Editing Wizard – This is an affordable membership, but also provides has a free version. I use it for my second-to-final draft.

Other Fun Stuff

W Storyboard
Publishing Flowchart for procrastinators
Lifecycle of a Story
Emotions and Facial Expressions – from an artist perspective

do an internet search on NPR Voice Impressions – voice can add richness to a character


About vickiepettee

Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted...A. Einstein

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  1. Hello Vickie,

    Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU from the team and me personally for using Power Thesaurus (www.powerthesaurus.org).

    It is the best appreciation of our hard work towards offering the best thesaurus available online.

    Kind Regards,




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