Sunset Riff Jazz Club

Excerpt from Fleur deKey Chapter 5 – based on a real New Orleans locale

Orange evolved into mauve, changed into red, faded into purple, evolved back to orange. The continuously evolving colors backlit the stained glass wall behind the bar, evoking a sunset created by the pattern of cut glass. Echo swiveled her stool, glancing around the large room from where she and Hawke sat. The musicians on the small stage were already into their second set when they arrived and all of the club chairs surrounding low tables had been occupied. A favorite of locals and popular with tourists, the Sunset Riff Jazz Club, with its art deco theme, was an intimate upscale setting on the ground floor of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. At the heart of it all on Bourbon Street, the hotel encompassed the entire frontages of Bienville, Bourbon and Conti Streets.

Contented to wait until the musicians took their next break, she sipped her Pinot Noir and listened to the soulful voice of the female in the trio. Her raw passion put a gospel and R&B hurting on the song about bad news and not sleeping at night. 

Irvin Mayfield Jazz Club aka Sunset Riff

Irvin Mayfield Jazz Club aka Sunset Riff in Fleur deKey

Check out a YouTube clip of the real jazz club located in the Royal Sonesta.  Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse  – the backlight at the bar does change colors.

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