Reflective Imagery

Alligator Sunning

Alligator Sunning

Amateur sleuth, Echo, is married to a photographer who once worked for National Geographic because if I could be anything when I grow up, that’s probably what I’d be!

The idea of Hawke’s Reflections exhibit was born from photos taken by my sister at Lake Martin in Breaux Bridge.  The rich sunset described in the Fleur deKey excerpt below is a memory of a vibrant horizon, with blazing purple and reds, which I witnessed during the burning of fields at the end of sugar cane season.

Excerpt, Chapter 8 – White Linen Night

Stained Air on the Bayou

Stained Air on the Bayou

The centerpiece of Hawke LeBauve’s Reflections Exhibit displayed in a double frame on a tripod and entitled Sunset, Sunrise was not for sale. A twelve year old Hawke had raised his camera, capturing a dancing nine year old Echo in the rich sunset reflected on the muddy water of the Bayou Teche. The setting sun stained the air a red-orange-purple slush causing Victoria’s messy curls to blaze with fiery highlights – a mini explosion of ginger and silver.

Eighteen years later while Echo sat barefoot in a canoe dressed only in a peach slip with tousled hair, Hawke photographed Sunrise. Yellows and pinks colored the air surrounding her as the sun nudged its way up from the riverbank.

…..”I had difficulty choosing between the Robin in the Iris and the Flower in the Raindrop.”

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