Published – Middle Grade

Not a Snowball’s Chance 

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Introducing the Phenomena Series with history factoids and a dash of paranormal

Brain freeze from a snowball triggers an idea for her invention report. Enthusiasm drives Zelma Key to research it the old-fashioned way – at Twice Sold Tales – where she butts right into a mystery. The smell of manure and words bursting in air persuade her that the shopkeeper needs help.

Nice old Mr. Henry is threatened by a grubby man who says he purchased an unpublished book, but never received it as promised. The septuagenarian bookstore owner doesn’t remember doing any such thing. He has three days to deliver it. But his memory is so sporadic; he doesn’t remember he has a problem or a deadline.

Eleven-year olds Zelma and Max share a secret. They see phenomenon, invisible to everyone else. They pool their brain power and phenomena to locate the missing book or prove dirty politics are behind the threat.

What do a statue, fertilizer and a rosette have to do with Mr. Henry’s enigma? See how Zelma and Max apply smart technology, retro toys, snowballs and colors to unravel the mystery.


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