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Aura by Crayon or Quantum Physics

The Crayon part of my story_a REAL Life Experience: Mike and I, who are spa junkies, visited the Lodge at Woodloch in the Pokonos. Gorgeous facility. That weekend the Lodge offered some unique activities – one being a private reading by a person who could see auras. It sounded like fun, but we asked her to ‘read’ us as a couple instead of individually.  She had never been asked that before, but was intrigued and game to try.

Neither of us had ever done this before or knew what to expect. The Reader had hundreds of tiny bottles of colored water. We individually selected those that “spoke” to us as she led us through a conversation. Throughout our session, the Reader was busy making notes on paper – or so we thought. She proceeded to tell us what she saw and we were impressed with how accurate she was. At the end of the session, she handed us the paper – which was, in reality, a crayon drawing. Mike and I had become a stick she and he. A simulation of the aura reading she gave us is below.

Unusual? Yes. Memorable? Absolutely…. So much that I included the stick figure drawing in my story. Sometimes you can’t make up things better than real life.  Excerpt Fleur deKey Chapter 7 – Poppy’s Perspective…. As she steeped a tea bag, she studied the frame with Poppy’s drawing

Aura Reading

Aura Reading

How is this related to Quantum Physics?_ If you wonder whether auras really exist, excerpt from a science article:  Mind Over Matter 

A Russian scientist has been studying the human energy field and is claiming that people can change the world simply by using their own energy. While this idea is not new, not many have taken the time to scientifically go about proving such ideas – although, the field of quantum physics has shed some powerful light on the topic over the years.

We cannot see energy very easily with the human eye and thus the world of unseen energy can be difficult for the mind to grasp without scientific measurements …To help create a bridge between our physical and unseen world, scientific experiments using a technique called bioelectrophotography are being carried out. In these experiments, an assumption must be made that states the human body and consciousness is constantly emitting energy. Following this assumption, Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body. In the metaphysical world this energy emission is known as a person’s aura, while in the scientific field, it is often referred to as our energy field.

Meet Victoria “Echo” LaBauve

Echo's FLASH!

Echo’s FLASH!

When I was nine years old, I daydreamed about being Nancy Drew – brainy, courageous girl sleuth who was well off and could travel anywhere solving mysteries.  Twenty years later thanks to my trust fund, I quit my job as an Investigative Reporter and founded the Insight Foresight Benevolent Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to discover and utilize inventive and effective ways to help others help themselves.  In reality, it allows me to indulge my nine-year old dreams of sleuthing to help others.

My name is Victoria LeBauve, but to those who know and like me, I am Echo.  I’m five feet, seven inches tall in my Tevas.  My eyes are green.  My hair is red and wavy and I keep it longer than shoulder length so I can tie it up on humid days – which means almost always since I live in New Orleans.   I have a distinguishing feature, a white streak at the crown of my head, exactly like my Poppy Rouge, which according to him is a blessing, not a curse.  My Grandmother Esme nurtured my joy of singing.  Regretfully, my musicality rivals that of my Poppy for being throaty and out of accord with the intended pitch.    Poppy called me his little echo, hence my nickname.

The crown of my head – at that white streak I mentioned – aches when I have a flash. I don’t see auras like Poppy – instead I have brain flares!  Intuitive flashes of colors and words.

Oh, I have a penchant for quoting Dr. Seuss and I inherited the Leger trait of foretelling dreams. Although, I must admit my sleeping thoughts are more like visiting Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice’s Wonderland. I haven’t mastered the art of interpreting their meaning, but I learned to be wary of them since they usually make sense after the fact.

Hanging around with me and the Foundation can be a little wacky, but fun.

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