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Preservation Hall

CBS Sunday Morning is profiling Preservation Hall this Sunday, March 9.


Preservation Hall is a locale for a scene in Fleur deKey – although I took significant artistic license with the carriage house (doesn’t really exist).

EXCERPT from Chapter 26:     Familiar with the Hall, Hawke appreciated the stark simplicity of the shaded room they entered. A piano sat diagonally in one corner. Drums on a worn rug surrounded by mismatched empty chairs formed the Hall’s stage area. The size of the room limited the number of listeners who could sit on the long flat cushions, positioned on the floor in rows across from the performance area. Portraits of the musicians who first played the beautiful sounds of New Orleans Jazz lined the otherwise blank plaster walls.

She and Hawke sauntered out the back door of the hall into the courtyard in search of a volunteer. Eager to share his knowledge, the portly man they met in the alley way escorted them to an old carriage house beyond the courtyard and up an exterior staircase.

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