All flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday….

If you stumbled across my page in search of writing wisdom, oops. I created these pages for interactions with my readers but if you’re a nouveau writer, check under category Scribblings for my favorite writing resources. Wishing you luck in your writing quest.

Now about Me 

The year 1952 saw a number of debuts – polio vaccine, Mr. Potato Head game, roll-on deodorant, the Honeymooners and me.

I grew up in a small town in L’Acadiane, where bayous and sugar cane fields were playgrounds, fireflies a summer evening delight and cousins my closest friends. The town library was my portal to all that was real and imagined outside of the rural community beside the Bayou Teche.

Two million international miles for business and pleasure qualify me as a road warrior, witness to colorful settings and cultures. An avid reader of mystery, thrillers and international intrigue, I’m always thrilled to recognize a location in a novel as something more than a clichéd depiction from a postcard. I strive to bring that sentiment to my settings.

After working and living abroad, my husband and I retired back to Louisiana. As we reacquainted ourselves with local cultures and traditions, I switched from reader to writer mode. Characters began popping in at breakfast and dinner, so I write stories to give them a home.

My work is fiction. Names, characters and incidents are figments of my imagination. Historical factoids are true.  Locales are grounded in reality, yet flavored with artistic license. Unique perspective photographs taken by my cousin, who lives in the French Quarter, often inspire character and scene creations.

If you’re a reader, thank you for spending time with my characters. If you liked my book, please lend your copy, recommend it to a friend or share the book trailer. Also consider giving a short review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other book site you frequent. Help others decide whether they’ll enjoy my stories.

And, blah, blah, blah – By now you’ve probably tuned out, but a little more about me if you choose to continue reading. I have five children, five grandchildren and one great-grandson. I am very tech savvy. I love to garden. I do some Human Resource consulting to keep my mind active. I’m Aquarius. I believe some people have extra sensory perceptions. I strive to learn one new, contemporary, thing each year.

If you have the urge to contact me, my email is

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